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Look what’s new at Red Osier Landmark Restaurant!

Wondering why our owners Tim and Steve have been Traveling to Tennessee so much lately?

Well, here’s why-

They have designed and created a (24 foot long- 18 foot high) catering trailer to accommodate any catering need. It is a state of the art catering facility on wheels- a replica of the official Red Osier Landmark Restaurant’s kitchen. It will allow for catering needs large or small, from weddings to local festivals, serve food from Prime Rib sandwiches to surf and turf dinners, and allow our restaurant to be portable throughout the Western New York Region.

Not only will our restaurant become portable, our highly trained chefs will also become portable, running restaurant operations and the portable catering operations. (They are extremely excited about this new venture.)

This is the only catering trailer of it’s kind throughout the country.

Winter Wonderland 2016-2017