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“2019” A quick year in review

With 2019 in the books, The Red Osier Landmark Restaurant once again had a memorable year. Executive Chef William Burch and his culinary team have another successful year under their belt!

Our year started off with serving quality food during the harsh winter months. Fortunately for Chef, a little vacation and celebration in Las Vegas for his birthday was just what the frigid Western New weather called for. You see, Executive Chef Will gets to take a well, and I stress, well, deserved vacation in January,on us, as our thanks to him for his countless hours and dedication to The Red Osier Landmark Restaurant, year-round. (Although it is hard and difficult work, I do tag along on these journeys.) We experienced the culinary expertise of Chef Gordon Ramsey and other well know Las Vegas eateries while enjoying the spectacular city. We are exited about this year’s upcoming trip, traveling to Waikiki to experience the culture and dining that Hawaii has to offer.

Early in the year, we decided we were going to build our second food trailer. Sous Chef Michael Mattern’s passion for smoked food also came to a reality with his idea of “The Rib Cage.” After a couple trips to Nashville, we arrived in Stafford hauling a custom made 330-gallon smoker and shortly after, the arrival of our second custom built food trailer.

Our culinary team worked together for months to create a new menu for our 2019 events season. We had a vision of getting away from the “traditional” roast beef sandwich and create sandwiches that speaks to who we are as an experienced culinary team and as The Red Osier Landmark Restaurant. We came up with many new sandwiches. Our feature, “The Landmark”, a smoked prime rib sandwich topped with homemade BBQ, Homemade Slaw, on a Fresh Grilled Brioche Bun with Kosher Salt and Carraway Seeds, finished with a Bread and Butter Pickle. We ate so many of these sandwiches over the winter months… making sure we knew exactly the right smoking time for the meat, the perfect BBQ recipe…ensuring we had the perfect sandwich. A lot of preparation went into the new menu and it was a huge success. The Landmark Sandwich suddenly became our number one seller at events across Western New York.

We traveled throughout Western New York, Central New York, and even out of New York. We featured our food in Washington D.C. and well as making an impromptu stop in Hershey, P.A. with our food trailer. We proudly served our food at The Great New York State Fair, Darien Lake, as well as The Genesee County Fair, winning “The Best Food Award.” Tim and I were honored to be asked to be their Grand Marshalls. I can not say enough about this staff, Chef Will, Sous Chef Michael Mattern, Chef Clifton Williams, and the rest of our dedicated staff, they ran a restaurant while also running two mobile operations, ultimately two more restaurants, just on wheels. Our in-house operations served well over 16,400 portions of prime rib to guests, exemplifying our title of the “Prime Rib Capital of Western New York.” With outside operations attending well over 250 events, the season came to an end in late October. I don’t think we were ever so glad to see our food trucks and smoker put into storage for the season. I think some, mentioned above, might have been making some hand gestures through the window when Tim was pulling out of the parking lot with them. Straight into holiday season we go.

In November we had our employee holiday party as our thanks for a job well done year-round. I have said this time and time again, I feel as if we have the best staff in Western New York! We honored some of our standout employees. Chef Will received our 2019 MVP Award, Chef Michael Mattern received our 2019 Teamwork Award, Becky Harding received our Owners Choice Award. Chef Clifton Williams, Erica Scott, and Kennard Chandler received employee of the year awards. Sandra Coppini and Theresa Whaley were presented with our 4 G’s award which exemplifies customer service.

It was soon time to start planning and creating our “Winter Wonderland of Lights.” Tim’s passion for Christmas lights allowed the community and guests alike to enjoy a light display featuring well over 2.5 million lights. The restaurant was festively decorated inside and out, featuring my favorite, the Buffalo Bills Christmas theme at the bar. We held our 3rd annual “Community Days” December 2nd and 9th. We invited the community to celebrate the season with free horse and carriage rides throughout the lights, a free petting zoo, firetrucks from Stafford Volunteer Fire Department with their volunteering for traffic control and visits by Santa and Mrs. Claus.

This has been a great year for us here at The Red Osier Landmark Restaurant. We look forward to 2020 with our continued activism and community work while striving to continually bringthe best dining experience a restaurant can offer to its guests.We would like to thank all our customers for their continued valued patronage as well as our dedicated staff, friends, and family- for we wish you and your families all a healthy and prosperous 2020!

Steven Foster- Co Owner
The Red Osier Landmark Restaurant

From Executive Chef, William Burch

2019 was a year to remember after taking on a second food trailer and a 330- gallon smoker for Chef Mike. I have since made a suggestion box for him and it sort of looks like a paper shredder. My little attempt at humor there. This year was big for my restaurant, hundreds of catering events along with private, and holiday parties. It was overall fantastic. We had the pleasure of hosting different barbeque parties where we spent some overnights at the restaurant preparing our delicious brisket that took hours upon hours to prepare. Between fairs and different weekly events, we were able to show our culinary talents, proving The Red Osier Landmark Restaurant is more than just a beef and seafood house. I could not be prouder of my team for over coming all the challenges and extra’s we placed upon them this year. They always got the job done. Thank you to all our customers that allow us to continually grow and the generous support of our local community. Happy New Year to all.

Executive Chef- William Burch
The Red Osier Landmark Restaurant


Look what’s new at Red Osier Landmark Restaurant!

Wondering why our owners Tim and Steve have been Traveling to Tennessee so much lately?

Well, here’s why-

They have designed and created a (24 foot long- 18 foot high) catering trailer to accommodate any catering need. It is a state of the art catering facility on wheels- a replica of the official Red Osier Landmark Restaurant’s kitchen. It will allow for catering needs large or small, from weddings to local festivals, serve food from Prime Rib sandwiches to surf and turf dinners, and allow our restaurant to be portable throughout the Western New York Region.

Not only will our restaurant become portable, our highly trained chefs will also become portable, running restaurant operations and the portable catering operations. (They are extremely excited about this new venture.)

This is the only catering trailer of it’s kind throughout the country.

2018 in Review

A year in review, from Executive Chef William Burch

To describe 2018 in just a few sentences is far from an easy task for me. After taking over the kitchen operations in January, we were faced with making some difficult decisions as to which direction to take with my staff and how to improve. We promoted Sam Malone to Sous Chef which was a crucial move to our team. Shortly after bringing Sam on to our management team, we brought in Chef Mike Mattern to be our beef specialist which rounded the rest of our team out which also include Chef Jim Colantonio, Clifton Williams, and Chef Nicole Granata. These are some of the hardest working people I have worked with in my career. We wouldn’t have been able to accomplish all we sought out to in 2018 without the help and dedication from each person on this team.

In 2018, we catered over 100 events with our state-of-the-art trailer. We were pleased to be asked to cater for VIP groups including Kid Rock and Dierks Bentley while being a part of the 2018 Darien Lake concert series. The year prior we had only done 35 catering events, under the team’s direction in 2018, we more than tripled the previous years total.

In 2019, we are looking forward to featuring some more high-end items and some items that you wouldn’t typically see in any other restaurant within the area. We are looking to expand the offerings in our catering department with our owners planning to yet, make another trip to Tennessee where their initial vision and first catering trailer was born. There is also a trip in the works for The Red Osier Landmark to make a trip to Washington D.C. and let our food and service speak for itself on Capital Hill and show what makes our restaurant The Premier Dining Destination of Western New York.

For any restaurant the key to success is team work.It has been a pleasure watching this team come together from the minute you, the guest, walk into our doors until the last person walks out, even till after hours and clean up. Our staff is there for each other, a so called family, they all help out when any of their co-workers are in need which is very refreshing to see.

None of these things would have been made possible if it wasn’t for the support of our community and our customers. You are the driving force for making all these things we sought to accomplish this year possible, and possible for years to come. From myself, and all of us here at The Red Osier Landmark Restaurant, we thank you for all that you do to make us successful and we will certainly do our best to ensure you get the best from us in return. Thank you for your valued patronage.

Wishing you all a Happy 2019!
Chef Will Burch

July 2019

We were very honored and happy to be afforded the opportunity to feature our food trailer on Capital Hill. The food truck was seen throughout the Washington D.C. area along with thousands of others in Hershey, Pennsylvania. The locals were able to taste our famous Western New York food fare. Owners Steve and Tim, along with good friend Dan Clor, (founder of The American Warrior Festival) and the youngest Chef on our team,Clifton Williams toured the many sites that make our nations capital great. The most humbling of all was Arlington National Cemetery, seeing the changing of the guard at The Tomb of The Unknown Soldier while being in awe of all the men and women who have served our nation. Many thanks to The American Legion Post 8, Washington D.C. for their great hospitality during our stay. We are looking forward to more trips to the area while continuing to showcase our food trailer beyond New York. We have shared a few photos for our guests to enjoy from our trip.

Ohhh…..and look who popped in, Spokespet Charlie reminding everyone The Genesee County Animal Shelter is in desperate need of wet dog food! Charlie made a stop in yesterday but is asking all his restaurant fans for some help as well. If you can not make it there, we would be happy to have you drop it off here at the restaurant and we can forward the donation to them.