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MenuPrime Rib Steak

Prime Rib of Beef

Petite Cut- 10 oz. $36
Queen Cut- 16 0z. $46
King Cut- 24 oz. $66
Bishop Cut- 32 oz. $86
Call Cut- 4.5 to 5 lbs. $125

Steaks and Filets

14 oz. Center Cut New York Strip Steak $46
8-9 oz. Center Cut Filet Mignon $48
16 oz. Filet Mignon (Market Price)
32 oz. Bone in Tomahawk Steak (Market Price)


European- peppercorn demi-glace with bleu cheeses $9
Oscar- crab and lobster, asparagus, and béarnaise sauce $13
Cowboy- bacon, cheddar cheese, sauteed peppers and onions, and BBQ $11
Black and Bleu- Cajun spices with bleu cheeses $9
Béarnaise Sauce $3
Bourbon Brown Gravy $3

Doneness Chart

Rare- red cool center
Medium Rare- red warm center
Medium- pink center
Medium Well to Well- little to no pink
Our chefs will not be responsible for medium well to well done meats.

Chef Favorites

Signature 12 oz. Prime Rib Dinner $68
Signature 14 oz. Strip Dinner $73
Signature 8 to 9 oz. Filet Dinner $79
Signature dinners include twin 4 oz. lobster tails.
Ultimate 10 oz. Rib Dinner $63
Ultimate 14 oz. Strip Steak Dinner $69
Ultimate 8 to 9 oz. Filet Dinner $76
Ultimate dinners include crab and lobster bisque and a 4 oz. lobster tail.

As a courtesy to other guests, we kindly ask you to silence electronic devices, and gentleman, please remove your hats. There is a $12 plate sharing charge. Parties of 5 or more will have 20% gratuity added to the check. Parties of 8 or more will be placed on one check, unless otherwise indicated.

All our dinners do include a fresh garden salad or chef soup of the day, choice of potato, fresh baked roll, and specialty bread.

All other items will be a la carte.

Our kitchen involves shared cooking and preparation areas. We cannot guarantee menu items to be free of specific allergens or cross contamination. Please let your server know of any allergies. Due to limited ingredient information in our kitchen, we will do our absolute best to accommodate, but cannot be held responsible.

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